Aaron Dunkel

Never thought I’d ever get hearing aids but after going to Bridge Hearing Center, I learned it was time. Not only did they show how bad my hearing had gotten but also what I’d been missing for 30 years since my hearing loss.

The hearing aids nowadays are so advanced and easily hidden that it’s just amazing. I’m an active person. Avid motorcycle rider. I work heavy road construction and run heavy equipment. The versatility of the oticon hearing aids is outstanding. Not to mention the time it took to get them personally dialed in for just my hearing loss.

Doc Luke has the equipment to set and pinpoint exactly what your hearing loss is and set the hearing aids accordingly. I’ve been to other audiologists and never had the relatable personal touches they gave me here. The staff is accommodating, professional, educated, and personable. I’ve referred many friends here and will continue to do so. I’ve never felt comfortable in any doctor’s office but I feel very welcomed here. Five stars are not enough.

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